Why Pools of Perfection?


Dear Friends,

The commitment of excellence must be present in every part of our relationship in order to exceed your expectations.  Our design skills have won national awards.  Pools of Perfection has been nationally recognized for Engineering and Technical Achievement.  Our Fixed Price Annual Maintenance Program is available only to Westchester County residents so that we can enhance your service experience by providing prompt, courteous and efficient service.

Design and construction of a poolscape is only the beginning of our relationship.  Pools Of Perfection provides intense service throughout the construction process, however we really show off after the pool is built.  Our maintenance and warranty program is superlative.  

Proximity matters in service and construction.  If you are seeking design skills, permit procurement skills, construction skills, and world class maintenance and warranty service in Westchester County, then Pools Of Perfection can commit to you.  Our location on Main Street in Armonk is in the center of Westchester County and it facilitates our 100 percent commitment to outstanding service.

From negative edge to zero edge to classic edge swimming pools, please join us on the leading edge of swimming pool design and service.

Best Wishes,

Christopher Carthy


Swimming Pool and Spa Built by Pools of Perfection, Armonk, NY