Swimming Pool Safety

Of course the party line is that parents must watch their children, but swimming pool safety is about protecting young children when the unexpected happens and when a parent is imperfect for a moment.  For parents with young children under the age of five, a barrier between the house and the pool is best.  There is nothing better than a good fence around a pool.  Fatalities around the country almost always occur when there is a broken or nonexistent fence.  A typical failure in a fence is an open gate.  All pool gates are supposed to swing outward away from the pool and close automatically.   However gates get bent, worn, twisted etc. and they fail to close.  Self-closing gate failure when very young children are nearby can lead to a tragedy.

Pools Of Perfection has built many pools where we fence the property line to enclose the pool, but there is no fence between the pool and the house.  This fence plan is usually more attractive and comfortable for the home owners as there is no gate between the back of the house and the pool.  However it is not as safe as a fence that encompasses the pool area.

Beyond fencing, an automatic cover is useful for pool safety when it is closed.  However an automatic cover does not provide the barrier protection of a good fence.  When the cover is open, there is no protection.  An automatic cover also collects rain water on it and the water should be pumped off continuously with an automatic cover pump.

Diving boards get a bad rap.  In fact one could argue that diving into a pool from a correctly installed diving board is safer than diving into a pool from random locations.  A diving board is correctly installed when it respects a diving envelope.  Diving from a designated location is safer than just diving haphazardly into the pool.

On the other hand diving rocks are not safe.  A boulder that is installed above the water level is dangerous.  A swimmer can hit his head on the boulder while recreating in the pool.  Also there are no diving envelopes for a diving rock.

Children run and play around pools so parents should caution children to be careful.  Jumping from the pool onto a raft is dangerous because a child can fall back and hit his head on the wall of the pool.

Parents occasionally express concern about entrapment and electrocution from the mechanical side of the pool.  Although it rarely ever happens, there are few things to observe.  Parents should make sure that the suction ports on their pool (main drains on the floor or wall) are covered with safe drain covers.

The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act codified anti entrapment drain covers and other safety devices.  The law is named for the granddaughter of Secretary of State James Baker III, who died in a pool.  Pools of Perfection uses the most sophisticated anti entrapment drains in the industry.

For more useful information on swimming pool safety, please visit the Pool Safely website of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.


Like many things, good common sense goes a long way toward a fun and safe pool.

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