Pool Renovation

A pool can last twenty to thirty years without renovation, but after thirty years, it will need renovation.  The design process is usually similar to new construction except that the siting of the pool is established.  We may consider adding a spa.  We certainly will consider renovation or redesign of patios, planters, fencing, lighting, audio visual equipment, fireplaces etc.  Via our construction program, we can transform an old pool into a dynamic contemporary poolscape.  We typically renovate a pool by refurbishing it and installing new plumbing, skimmers, returns, main drains, lights, tile, coping, plaster and or liners.  However sometimes a pool is dead and we remove it and start from scratch.  A renovation can be as simple as restoring your pool to prettiness and functionality or revamping your outdoor space and creating a magnificent poolscape centered on the location of your existing pool.  When considering renovation of your pool, we will be respectful of your budget and present design options to you from immediate restoration to a like new poolscape.

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