Design and Permit Procurement


Dear Prospective Client,

Designing a poolscape is about listening — listening to you, listening to your landscape and listening to your architecture.  Our design process starts with a free consultation.  You can show me your home, your backyard, share with me your ideas, pictures, and plans.  I will ask questions and I will collect your ideas and I will take note of what best enhances and complements your home in order to create an initial stunning design.  Most of the design work is composed in a 3D CAD program, so you can actually walk through your newly designed backyard and see how our proposed poolscape, patios, deck, gardens, gazebo, cabana, outdoor kitchen, fireplace and planters enhance your home.  Design typically takes a month before we are ready to create a site plan.

How extensively we compose your site plan is a function of municipal requirements, design complexity, and budget.

You may change your mind about a few things and your design may evolve throughout the permit procurement process and even throughout the construction process.

Pools of Perfection has won national and regional awards for design.

I welcome the opportunity to share with you my creativity and expertise.  I take each project personally and I am protective of the investment that you will make in Pools Of Perfection.

I look forward to meeting you.

Best Wishes,

Christopher Carthy


Permit Procurement

Pools Of Perfection is expert at permit procurement.  We have appeared before town boards, planning boards, architectural review boards, conservation boards, zoning boards, and home owner association boards.  The costliness of the permit procurement process is driven by the requirements of a municipality – some are easier than others.  In the design process, I will consider how the design will affect the permit procurement process and I will share options with you in order to reduce the costliness and facilitate the permit procurement process.  A permit application typically requires a CAD survey and a site plan.  However depending upon your circumstances, it may also require a gross land coverage calculation plan, a drainage plan, a wetland mitigation plan, a planting plan, and or a steep slope plan.  Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of your permit application, Pools of Perfection will manage every step of the way.  We want to spend the least amount of money possible on the permit so that we can direct those funds to the project.

Examples of 3D CAD Design Renderings

3D Cad Design Colombo

3d Cad Design